Our Company

Cartiera San Martino operates in the paper sector producing pasteboards and cardboards of many thicknesses and colours. The raw materials are waste and shredded paper. 
The industrial complex is made up of more than one building that hosts: a laminating machine, warehouses for raw materials and final products, offices, loading and unloading area, parking and green area.
The industrial complex also includes all the necessary equipment and facilities for the correct functioning of the various services. 
The constant monitoring of production processes and efficiency of the purification plant guarantees the product quality and the maximum security during the different production phasesin addition to the minimum environmental impact.

The Company Today

Currently the paper mill employs 54 people including managers, employees, technicians and workers.

The company operates in the national and international market counting among its customers box factories, book binders, paper converters and wholesalers.

Company History

Cartiera San Martino S.p.A. was founded by Cerrone family around 1890, along the bank of the Fibreno river in the San Martino area (Broccostella), in the heart of the Liri Valley.


Production of quality paper, attention to customer’s needs and environment respect are the goals of our mission.


Our company commits to invest in and innovate its machineries to satisfy customers’ needs. Electric and thermal energy production is carried out through a cogeneration plant which has been operating since 2008.

Cartiera San Martino has the following quality certifications: